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Fast forward to today and you can find a collection of embroidery kits for all levels and subject tastes, where  old traditional skills meet fresh contemporary designs.

My kits have been featured and I've also been interviewed in many magazines and online blogs  including:

Cross Stitcher Mag, Mollie Makes, Simply Sewing, Uppercase Magazine, Sewing World, Country Fair, Mr X Stitch, Love Embroidery Magazine.

 I also regularly create stitchery projects  for Mollie Makes Magazine and Love Embroidery Magazine.

Hello! I'm JENNY

.... the chocolate obsessed, needle wielding 'face' behind all this stitchery goodness :)

I was first introduced to embroidery at school, at the ripe old age of 9 where despite the initial terror of  being shown the peg bag we were to stitch, the utter pride and delight that followed cemented firmly that love at first stitch....and I've NEVER stopped stitching since!


In 2014  I launched my first 4 embroidery kits into the world, born out of the desire to not only share the joy and pleasure that embroidery brings, but also to encourage those a little hesistant to pick up a kit, which contains everything required to give stitching a go.

My aim has also always been to create beautiful designs that are modern, unique and worthy of being proudly displayed in our home rather than in the overstuffed craft drawer.


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In Jan 2012 I left my securely paid job as a midwife to pursue my dream of making a living from my creativity. I had no previous business experience or knowledge and a very unclear picture of what I would even offer.

It is safe to say I have learned a LOT over the duration of this time, most of which has surprised me and NOT been what I expected.

The biggest lesson of all being that there is no 'right way' to build and grow a business, the so called 'rules' are there to be ripped up and your own wisdom is the ONLY compass to follow.


This experience has inspired me to share and encourage others to jump in and make their dreams a reality. My relationship with my own intuition and wisdom has deepened so much that I am passionate about sharing the tools on how to do this with others.

In 2018 I trained and qualified as a transformational life coach and have been mentoring and facilitating clarity, break throughs and change in  1:1 sessions ever since.

You can find out more about the Creative Coaching sessions and containers I offer here.