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 I hope you are giving yourself a little pat on the back if you have always wanted to try embroidery but always told yourself it looked too hard and you could never do it. (or been too scared to try!)

I whole heartedly believe that anyone can sew or embroider..... all that's needed is a little patience and some gentle encouragement for the reluctant which is why I've laid out all the steps for you to follow below........

Beginner's Guide

So take a deep breath, because it's not as hard as you think, and you really can't mess it up!

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1. Basic Embroidery equipment

2.Select your embroidery pattern

3.Transfer your design onto   fabric

click on image to download this free design

click on image to download

4. Beginning and ending your thread without knots

5. Embroidery stitches

6. Displaying your gorgeous handiwork