single session -

60 min zoom call

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Transform any current circumstance in your life that you find yourself struggling with during this powerful 60 minute session with Jenny.


Whatever challenge or unfulfilled desire you have going on in your life right now , be it a business/career, money, relationship or health situation, the underpinning cause that is creating it to play out in your life is always the same ........... energy.

So those mindset shifts, positive affirmations or countless actions that you will take are never going to work until the energy (or frequency/vibration ) that is at the root of it is transformed.

Cue Jenny!

Through her potent gifts combining channelled Source guidance and energy

alchemy,  Jenny is able to pinpoint the root of the issue and guide you to an inner transformation which in turns causes the outer world to change.

It is very powerful and nothing short of magical!

So don't be mistaken by the timeframe of this offering and

the impact it can have on your life.

Your world can change in a moment!

All of Jenny's work is set to empower and guide you

back to your own magic and wisdom within, so the

session is often experienced as a remembering.

Not only will you experience the transformational

effects, you will embody what is shared so that you

can take these tools forward into your life and apply

to other areas when required. 

You will be sent an email within 12 hours (office hours) once payment has been received with further details and to arrange a suitable time to work together.