3 month Mentorship -


Includes a deep dive initiation call  

Weekly or biweekly zoom calls (you decide) 

+ 5 days per week voxer/video message support


This is an entirely bespoke container with Jenny (and Source!) where you are invited to experience a deep and expansive dive into ALL of the magic that you are, manifest your most wildest desires AND  know how it feels to be fully supported & connected to your Self and the Universe.

This mentorship begins with a desire that you have -

It could be to change some 'stuck' or unsatisfying part of your life (or business).

It may be that you want to finally 'get' how to manifest that amazing life you see others living, how to trust yourself 100% and be so tuned in that you need never seek outside advice again. Or it could be a vision that you have which seems fuzzy but you can feel it tugging at your heart all the same.

It is through this very desire that your journey of  discovery & transformation will begin. 

Where you start to remember and re connect.

Where you embody and trust your own sovereign leadership, the inner gifts you possess and then follow them to the clarity and direction you desire.

All while peeling off the layers and limitations that no longer serve you and stepping more into the true magic that is YOU.

And .....those things that you wanted to change and desired to manifest ....they simply happen as the by product. 

Through Jenny's unique gifts -  a hybrid of channelled Source guidance, energetic recalibrations and practical tools, you will be guided to experience your own intuition, energy alchemy and  emotional freedom....... lets also not forget the deeper self/soul connection  and manifesting mastery that will also be ignited  :)

You will leave this 3 month container in an entirely different world from the one you entered.

This is Jenny's most potent and impactful container available and because of this 

there are a limited number of  invitations in to this experience.

If this sounds like an exciting invitation  or you have a question  simply send  a message in the contact box below and we will send you all the  details.

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