Join Jenny for 1:1  Creative Coaching Sessions



Transform the confusion, 'stuck' or fear around your creative vision/project/business, to clarity and confidence with this 1 hour call with Jenny.


for a SINGLE one hour session to help you BREAK THROUGH any feelings of 'stuck', fear or confusion with the creative vision, project or business you are working on, or wanting to create.


* Experience a TRANSFORMATION where obstacles & resistance melt away and clarity and confidence emerge.
* Undergo a RECONNECTION back to your own inner guidance and where the power and answers lie.
* Experience the ALCHEMICAL effects of ENERGY movement so that the TRUE ROOTS of your issues can dissolve, which creates the true and lasting change.



A single session is perfect for when you are in need of some clarity around your first or next step, if there is a specific issue or fears preventing you from moving forward in any way, or when you feel that no matter what action you take, you always end up back in the same position as you started and you don't know why.
It's transformational effects provides the 'first aid treatment' to RELEASE the immediate issue, EMPOWER you for the next required steps and IGNITE and PROPEL your forward.


Small Strokes


Once you make a payment for a Single Session or a Set of Sessions, Jenny will send you an email within 24 hours, to arrange a date and time for the session (or first session).

Sessions are 1 hour in length and are done via Zoom.

Once a date and time is arranged, a Zoom link will be sent to your email address prior to the meeting.

You may feel that you would like to experience a longer period of support so that you can DEEPEN your connection with YOU and YOUR vision/dream/business , IMMERSE fully with the guided tools and techniques that lead you to an unshakeable knowing of where you are going along the way and how to get there, and RISE beyond the limitations and obstacles that once may have stood in your way.

If so then a SET OF 3 or SET of 9 SESSIONS will be better suited for you.

You can find more information on both options HERE


Jenny Blair is a natural intuitive, trained in energy alignment and a certified life coach.

She combines these skills in her unique coaching style - where powerful transformation occurs through a mix of practical guided action, mindset tools and energy moving magic.

In 2012 Jenny left her career as a midwife to follow the creative call of her soul. With no business knowledge or experience but rather a deep connection to her inner guidance and intuition, she built and grew a thriving business on her own terms ( ), which 100% supports her family, fulfills all her creative desires AND allows plenty of space to pursue her other passions (hello creative coaching!).