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Feathers Sampler

Thanks so much for buying the Feathers sampler! I hope you enjoy adding to your stitchery skills with this nature inspired design.


Below you can find a bite sized video demonstrating each stitch included in the sampler.They have been listed in a suggested order to build your confidence one stitch at a time.....

*Outline stitch* 

*Fly stitch* 

*Feather stitch* 

*Closed Feather Stitch*

*Click the links below if you need extra help*

*Single & Double Feather stitch* 

*Wheatear Stitch* 

*Blanket Stitch* 

autumn leaves beginner embroidery sampler

*Closed Blanket Stitch* 

*Fishbone Stitch* 

*Herringbone Stitch* 

*Chevron Stitch* 

*No 1. Leafy Sampler

*No 2. Wild Flower Sampler

wildflowersspring and autumn

* An introduction to some very fancy pants stitches ...or should I say...they look fancy but are very fun and straight forward to do! (videos included just in case!)

mushroom 1