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There are so many ways you can get creative with your felt animal kits..... you can customise them, change the decorative details to match the season or occasion. You can use the templates from your kit and create a totally new animal in your own colours and create an army of little animals. Display them on a shelf, adorn your home with hanging decorations, use them as cake toppers for that special someone's birthday....or make a little diorama which captures a felty magical world :) This list is not exhaustive ...but you will find here some  examples and templates  to get your inspiration flowing!

bunting 1 bunting 2 bunting 3 bunting 4


1. Cut out bunting flags . Take a length of thread and add a knot a couple of inches from the end (this leaves a tail of thread that is used to tie up the bunting)

2. Use runing stitch and weave the needle along the top of  the flag. Pull the thread through the flag until the knot reaches the flag and can be pulled no further.

3.To add other flags simply take weave the needle along the the top of the next flag then pull the thread until it lies next to the previous flag.

4. Once you have added all the flags you desire then sew a couple of tiny stitches on top of each other to secure the flags. Take the ends and tie onto the desired surface. Here I have used some foraged twigs! :)

>> You can use other shapes such as stars and leaves instead of flag shapes <<



parcel 1 parcel 2 parcel 3 parcel 4 parcel 5 parcel 6

1. Cut out 6 felt pieces as directed on the template sheet. 4 pieces make up the sides of the parcel and 2 pieces make up the top and bottom.

2. Begin by sewing the side pieces together using whip stitch.

3. Continue sewing until all 4 side pieces have been sewn together.

4. Whipstitch the top and bottom pieces onto the side pieces, remembering to leave a gap on one side for the stuffing.

5. Add some stuffing so the parcel has a bit of sturdiness but is not too plump that the sides bulge and the box shape is lost. Sew the remaining gap closed.

6. Wrap some embroidery thread around the felt like you would wrap a large present with string!

Et voila.....a very teeny tiny and cuuuute present!

Add it to your diorama scene or add to the back of your animal and keep it in place with embroidery thread wrapped around.

*Print on A4  (8" x 11") paper*