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If you are are a happy stitcher (like me!), you will likely at some point have decided to use an embroidery hoop to frame your piece. The majority of kits I sell are designed to end up on your wall. Today I want to share 3 WAYS  to finish your embroidery so it's all ready to hang on the wall as "hoop art".

There is the "steady way"...and there are 2 "speedy ways"!


First things first though you NEED to:

3 ways to finish your hoop for display

Got that? Ok...now for my friends the tortoise..... ;)

Cut 1cm thick wadding to fit the internal circumference of the inner hoop part.

Cut the felt or fleece to fit the internal circumference of the outer hoop part.

 (Felt or fleece is suggested as the fabric edges will not fray, which is needed as you will be sewing close to the edge of the fabric)


position and trim the steady way running stitch

Slide in the wadding under the edges of the gathered fabric and then place the cut felt/fleece piece on top, lining up with the edges of the inner hoop.

wadding added stitch finished stitching

Taking a needle and thread, use running stitch to gather the fabric by threading the needle in and out around the fabric, roughly 5mm from the edge. Once you have reached where you started, pull the thread so the fabric gathers neatly (as below). To secure the gathered fabric sew a couple of small stitches on top of each other. DON'T cut your thread ...you haven't finished yet!

Cut 1cm thick wadding to fit the internal circumference of inner hoop.

Cut thick paper/card to fit the outer circumference of outer hoop.

I recommend using glue that is thick/tacky, as it is less likely to ooze out of the fabric and spoil your embroidery...plus it's even quicker to dry and hang on your wall.


The Speedy Way...

add glue add wadding then glue No1 speedy way

Run your glue along the inner rim of the inner hoop part (as shown below), then tuck over the fabric edges and stick down onto the glue, pulling the fabric taut so that it lies fairly flat over the edge of the hoop >>>>>


Next, add the wadding then run some more glue along the top flat edge of the hoop where the fabric has been tucked over (as shown below)

stick paper No2 speedy way add glue inside of hoop

Cut fabric to the size of outer circumference of inner hoop part.

Consider the colour of fabric you will use as dark fabric will show through if you have used pale fabric to embroider on.Any type of fabric is suitable as it will not be sewn and so will not fray.


Again tacky fabric glue is advised for this process.

As speedy step 1 showed....run some glue along the inner rim of the embroidery hoop, tucking over the fabric and adhering to the glue.

attach circle fabric snazzy finish

The Steady Way...