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Fishbone Stitch Tutorial

Fishbone stitch is a fun and simple stitch that is often used to fill leaves as demonstrated in the barn owl embroidery below

barn owl pattern makerist fishbone 1

If your leaf has not been drawn with a line down the middle, then now is the time to draw one! This creates 3 lines for your leaf which is required to create the fishbone effect, and have been numbered above.

Firstly start by stitching a straight stitch to form the tip of the leaf going from A to B on line 2.

fishbone 1 (1) fishbone 2 fishbone closed

From position D , return the needle back to line 2 just below the previously sewn stitch  on line 2 (stitch B) and then bring the needle up on line 1 at position F ,next to the previous stitch on line 1 (stitch C)

Return the needle via the centre line 2 at position G, directly below the previous stitch (stitch E), and bring up on line 3 at position H.

Continue in this way , working from the centre of the leaf, to the edge and then back to the centre again...until the full leaf is filled. The aim is to have the stitches sitting closely next to each other, much like Satin Stitch, so that the area is covered entirely with your stitches, and a spine of a leaf is created down the centre. PRETTY!

You can do a simple variation of this stitch to create a feather effect. It's called OPEN FISHBONE stitch.

open fishbone 1 openfishbone stitch 2 open fishbone stitch 3

This stitch starts as before, with the leaf being divided into 3 lines and the tip of the leaf being formed by a straight stitch going from point A to B on the centre line (line 2). The needle is then brought up on line 1, but rather than sitting directly next to stitch A,  sits a small space away. (point C)

You then bring the needle back to point B (on line 2)  and up through the fabric, bringing the needle out on line 3 at  point D. The stitch at point D will sit a small space away from Stitch A. (as done for Stitch C)

Return the thread back to line 2 at point E, allowing a small space between E and the previous stitch (B). Next take the needle up through the fabric and bring out on line 1 at point F. Point F is also a small space away from the previous stitch on Line 1 (Stitch C). Return the thread to the centre line (2) and continue down the leaf motif until finished.....

fishbone open and closed