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       *Spooky stitching!*

FREE pattern  below



Enjoy some

vintage poison bottle embroidery design

Click on pattern and  download or print. The bottle fits a 5" hoop (without the bottle shadow) when printed on A4 (8 x 11 ") paper.


Stitch suggestions:

Outline the bottle shape in Backstitch

Fill in the glass bottle details using Satin stitch

(from the photo you can see I have only stitched the reflective parts of the glass bottle and left the main body of the bottle unstitched. You can fill the whole design or simply outline the reflective parts instead of filling them.

Turn your stitching in to a pin cushion or halloween plush...

pin cushion website

1) To make a pin cushion or plush simply cut around your stitched bottle approx 1" larger than the design.

Cut the same shape from a separate piece of fabric which will be used for the back.


2) Match the 2 pieces of fabric together so both right sides of the fabric are facing in towards each other. Stitch around the edge from A to B using backstitch or running stitch. Remember to leave the gap at the bottom for adding the filling.


3)Once stitched together you can now turn the stitched pieces from inside out to the right way around. Then fill with stuffing untill happy with the plumpness! Some people like to add rice to their pincushion instead of stuffing.


4) Stitch the hole closed with whipstitch and stab with pins! :)

   Or add ribbon or string to hang as a decoration

pin cushion 2 pin cushion 4 pin cushion 3 pin cushion 1





snip a little notch out on either side at the neck of the bottle to help create a nice curve

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