What does being Spiritual mean? some common misconceptions.

There can be many misconceptions around the idea of what being spiritual is, what it means and how we actually experience spirituality.

Perhaps you grew up with the notion that to be spiritual required decades of cross legged meditation in a cave far from people, desires and all other human frailties.

Maybe you imagined it as an other worldly experience where a fanfare of angelic choirs rang before a loud voice called from the sky.

Or you may have encountered the many gurus and teachers that speak of transcending the body and leaving behind all physical suffering as the ultimate spiritual mastery.

What ever impression you have picked up from the world around you it's unlikely that it has ever seemed achievable or even desirable. It could be you are still waiting for some external or 'ethereal' experience to confirm, after all, that there is something greater than us which we are connected to.

The misconception that being spiritual is apart from us and something we need to 'do' or 'achieve' is in fact leading people away from what is an inherent part of us and the true simplicity and beauty of it all.

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You are Source Energy in a physical body.

You are a focused point of Source/God/Universe/Presence/(whatever word you use) energy manifested in a physical body.

If you can imagine a 'V' shape with the point touching the ground, the tip of the 'V' represents you in this physical body, the densest and most concentrated point of the energy BUT you are also the open ended part which expands infinitely.

The open ended part is the limitless expanded part of you which most of us would recognise as God/Source/Universe and consider it separate from us, but as the 'V' demonstrates there is no separation. There is simply a more expanded version of us or a more focused version of us.

With this in mind you can start to understand that you are never anything but spiritual as you are always Source/Divine/God/Universe energy, you will simply be experiencing life from varying degrees of focus.'

This might take some time to get your head around and ultimately it doesn't need to be understood by your mind, but rather through these words I hope to plant a seed of awareness that over time will bloom into noticing and experiencing for yourself.

Your body is the instrument that connects Heaven and Earth.

To experience the spiritual aspect of you does not require any specific action .

You are source energy when you are drinking gin and when you are praying :)

You are always connected to the infinite part of you, however this does not mean that you always experience this expanded version of you and it is here where you can feel like you are not connected, or 'spiritual'.

The key here is that you do not need to look outside of your body or transcend this physical 'shell' , but instead become more grounded and present IN your body .

It is your body that is the instrument that receives the messages from the more expanded part of you and grounds them so that you can physically experience them and tangibly understand them.

How Source communicates and your body receives the


One of the biggest kept secrets that no one tells us is that our emotions are 'messages from the Divine.'

What we feel about something or someone is our inner navigational system alerting us to how things will play out with this person or situation. It is reflecting back to you what your vibration is emitting around the scenario and makes you aware of how you are best to proceed.

Understanding vibration is a whole topic in itself and another blog post for a later date, but the gist is that we are here to feel ALL our feelings not just the 'Good/happy' ones.

Our emotions are one of the many gifts that we have and are an immediate feedback from the expanded (Source) version of us.

We came here to FEEL because without our emotions we would have no way to navigate in this physical reality and manifest all that we intended to .

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We came to experience ALL the things.

Imagine for a moment that we are infinite Source energy beings.

A lifetime on this planet is a mere blink in the experience of limitlessness, BUT this mere blink of a human experience is one that is clamoured after - the chance to be focused into a physical body and experience the density of this world, have a body that is able to experience ALL the sensations and emotions, AND to be able to play and have fun in a world where you can experience your desires manifested into the physical.

If you could grasp even just the tiniest bit of that it would perhaps give you the perspective that even when we experience contrast, sadness, struggle or pain, there is the sweetest knowledge that this can only be felt because you are here, in this body, on the leading edge of Universal experience.

You are having the pleasure of being here for a glimmer of a moment until you return back to the limitless part of you.

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How to ground this information.

Having this information is not the prize. To actually fully embody and feel the knowledge and to have experiences that support this is the true gift.

To know yourself as you really are is the most delicious thing of all.

So to ground this and to start knowing yourself as Source, or feel more connected to the expanded 'Spiritual' aspect of you, you need to pay more attention to your body.

Inhabit your body a bit more, be present and notice what you feel throughout the day.

Notice the little nudges you feel in your body that takes you towards and away from things.

Notice the messages that you receive, the little pearls of wisdom.

It may seem like they are coming from your brain but they come when you are connected to the more expanded part of yourself.

When you feel bogged down in this physical reality imagine yourself moving from the tip of the 'V' shape and stretching into the more open ended part of the 'V' and notice how much lighter you feel. A brilliant embodiment of this is to throw your arms open and wide to the Universe, feeling yourself expand with the motion.

Keep imagining yourself becoming larger and more expanded, opening wider and higher and you will begin to put your 'problem' into perspective... that it is so small in comparison to the limitless you.


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