This unique and modern embroidery kit draws inspiration from the moon phases and the magic that happens when the world is in 'darkness'.
This barn owl and lunar design is perfect  for both confident beginners or seasoned stitchers who are moon gazers at heart! It even comes with the added sparkle of silver metalic thread.

Once complete you end up with a celestial inspired 7" piece of  embroidery hoop art.


* Black Klona cotton fabric with  pre printed design (Design measures approx 7" x 7" Fabric measures approx 10.5" x 10.5")
* 7” embroidery hoop
 Stitch & colour guide and step by step instructions 
* Illustrated guide on 6 embroidery stitches
* Embroidery Needle
* Embroidery thread in 6 colours, including metallic silver
* Packaged in a cello pocket with printed insert


This kit comes with all the information for the stitches to be practised by confident beginners AND enjoyed by seasoned stitchers. 
The stitches include: Back stitch, Straight stitch, Seed stitch, Satin Stitch, Split Stitch,French Knot,

Lunar Magic Owl Embroidery Kit