This is the perfect gift for all the moon lovers in your life who love to craft AND are interested in using the moon as a focus for creating a more harmonious rhythm in your day to day life.
This magical little Moon inspired bundle contains the very popular Flower Moon Art Deck Cards created by Jo Cauldrick from The Moon Journal, one Owl and Lunar phase embroidery kit as well as a little bookmark and Full and New Moon calendar to help get you started on your moon appreciation journey :)


You can find more details on each item below.


* OWL & LUNAR PHASE EMBROIDERY KIT - contents include 7" embroidery hoop, black fabric with printed design, embroidery threads, embroidery needle, illustrated stitch instructions and printed insert. (Retail Price £20.45)

* FLOWER MOON ART DECK - A set of 8 moon phase cards to remind you of the current moon cycle and how it can help you to make the very most of the moon's energy during that time. There is also a corresponding flower for each moon phase which adds to the focus and guidance of each card.
The high quality cards are A7 sized and come in a small stamped draw string pouch made from calico, with a simple 'how to use' booklet. (Retail Price £14.95 )

* a little matching card bookmark
* an A5 card with the Full and New Moon dates (Retail Price £2.50)


On buying this bundle you will be saving the total of £7.45!


Moon lover Bundle with Owl embroidery Kit