A beautiful set of Cards created by Jo Cauldrick of The Moon Journal, that helps you follow the phases of the moon and tune in to the waxing and waning of its energy, to create more focus and rhythm in your life.


You can use these cards to decorate your altar or display on your mantlepiece as a daily reminder. Or you can use them as a mini oracle set  and pick a card randomly to receive the message you need.

This deck also features a corresponding flower for each moon phase which adds to the focus and guidance of each card.


What you receive:

*A set of 8 moon phase (A7 size) high quality cards 

-  moon phase on the front and guidance word

-  small flower illustration (corresponsing to specific moon phase) on the back

*Hand stamped calico draw string pouch 

* Simple 'how to use' booklet.
* bookmark
* A5 print with the Full and New Moon dates 

Moon Phase Altar Card Deck