This Masterclass offers a unique and powerful perspective on manifesting and the natural gifts we have to create ANY and EVERY thing.


While there are many classes and books on manifesting,  there are few that teach you how to navigate the space between wanting 'the thing'  and having 'the thing', which just happens to be THE most important part!

It's the pivotal part in fact, because this is where we can experience a number of different 'interferences' which will delay or even prevent our desires from being manifested in our life.


This Masterclass will not only share these 'interferences'  but give you the 'antidotes' to them, which means you will always be able to know when you are getting in the way AND have all the tools you need to remedy this.


What also make this class unique is that it is NOT just about the information and teaching.

It is a container of energy and activation, and you will be guided through 2 powerful energy exercises that will allow you to physically experience their effects, embody the teachings and understand how to apply these tools into your life.

These 2 exercises alone are all you need to apply in your own life to ensure the successful manifestation of ALL your desires. 



+ Masterclass delivered in 4  pre recorded videos

+ 2 Energy Exercises 

+ Downloadable PDF of Class slides Summary


On purchasing you will instantly receive a pdf to download. This contains the Master Class link & the password required to enter the classroom.


The class is presented as slides & video format in a private online container. (no login, facebook  required) Before watching this Masterclass it is expected that you have a very basic understanding of manifesting.


PLEASE NOTE: Due to this being a digital product  a​ll sales are final and non refundable.

The Space Between - Manifesting Masterclass