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PROJECT 1 - Embroidering on clothing

In this Project I have created 2 modern patterns for you along with full demo videos explaining all you need to know so you can begin to  embroider onto you clothes (or accessories) right now!

The pattern - Flowers & Moon

Click on any image below to download the Pattern PDF

The design is intended to be printed on  A4  or 8" x 11" paper paper

Colour on Dress .jpg
Mini flower hoop.jpg
Denim and black.jpg
Mini flowers.jpg

There's the choice of a juicy BIG motif!

or a little diddy one

Flowers and moon black and white.jpg
Double leaf.png
Double leaf.png

You have so many fun options for the patterns I have provided.

You could use the big BOLD motif to adorn your clothing, bag , cushion.... or start simple with the smaller motif for a lapel or pocket decor.

You may simply prefer to stick to the hoop and make some art for your wall...the small designs fit a 4" or 5" hoop and the large motif  fits an 8" hoop.

You can enlarge the pattern to suit the surface you are stitching by using your own printer settings. ( I personally wouldn't go smaller as the details become harder to stitch).

You may wish to use lots of colours from your stash or go monotone.

You might also like to mix up how much of the pattern you fill and how much you outline.

The videos provide ALL the information you need to get you started...and if not then send a message here.

Bag stitching .jpg
Cushion of dreams.jpg

TRUST your instincts, your personal preferences, and what your confidence levels feel capable of. There is no right or wrong here and we are all finding our feet, practising and getting better one stitch at a time :)

We all get a gold star for snazzing up our world and wardrobe a bit more with our beautiful hand stitching, don't you agree?!

*If you are new to embroidering on clothes , watch VIDEO 1 to find out about working with different types of fabric and how to transfer your design onto the fabric.


*If you are unsure about what stitches to use for this design, want to know more about embroidering on clothes, or need an Embroidery stitch tutorial on Satin Stitch, Long and Short Stitch, Chain Stitch & Backstitch watch VIDEO 2.

And all that's left to say now is......

                                                                    Happy Stitching!!

Double leaf.png


VIDEO 1 -Tools & materials



Fabric Sticky Solvy

Dress makers Carbon Paper

Sulky Permanent Ink pen

Clover Transfer Pencil

My go to supply sources




Stitch guide.jpg

A little stitch guide to remind
you of the ones I used. you can
watch a demo of these stitches
in Video 2