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PROJECT 2 - Hand sewn Autumn Felt

autumn treasures bunting.jpg

Click the image below to download the Pattern PDF

The design is intended to be printed on  A4  or 8" x 11" paper paper

Lets welcome in Autumn with some sweet hand stitched Mushroom and Acorn felt decorations.

Create beautiful individual decorations, or string a few up as bunting. Add some wire and attach some to a wreath along with your collected foliage. Add them to your Nature altar along with other treasures gathered on your adventures. 

Double leaf.png

Materials you will need:

printed templates

felt - (4 x felt pieces 15cms x 20cm * will make a min of 4 mushrooms & 4 acorns - 100% wool felt is recommended)




thread- (embroidery thread is good as you can stitch the felt together with 1 strand and then embroider on decorative elements with multi strands).

Sequins, beads *optional*

* I have a limited number of felt supply packs available here 

Autumn treasures Templates.jpg
Double leaf.png

There are 2  template sizes for the mushroom and one size for the acorn.

With these templates alone you can create a multitude of unique autumnal treasures.

Change the felt colours to match your personal preference (or what you have already), and vary the decorative elements you use. Add your own creative touches and see what you already have in your crafty drawers that you could use to bring your own unique stamp to these mushrooms and acorns.

The acorn templates are great for using up small felt scraps that you may have already.

If you don't have felt you could try using fabric instead. You would need to cut the fabric slightly bigger than the templates to allow for a small seam allowance on the body of the acorn and for all the mushroom pieces. Then simply stitch the pieces together on the reverse side using back stitch. You will still use the running stitch to create the 'cup' effect, which should get a more exaggerated 'frill' effect on the mushroom. You could play with fraying the fabric edge to create more texture.

Double leaf.png

                                                                    Happy Stitching!!

Below you can find a video on how to make 1) the Acorns and 2) the Mushrooms

At the bottom of this page I share variations of how I've decorated my mushrooms and Acorns to give you a little inspiration. 

Cant wait to see what you create!

Tag me on Instagram with your beautiful makes :)

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Video 1 -How to Make Acorns

VIDEO 2- How to make mushrooms

mushroom medley small.jpg

applique felt
with Satin stich
over the top

 Satin stitch


hand embroidered
french knots, straight stitch & split stitch

applique felt


Varying placement of straight stitches to create different

acorn medley small.jpg

Embroidery thread


I use wool felt for all my projects and have a very small number of supply packs in the Black/white/grey colours here.

my favourite supplier of wool felt is where there are a rainbow of gorgeous colours for you to choose from.