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PROJECT 3 - Halloween Embroidery

Click the image below to download the Pattern PDF

The design is intended to be printed on  A4  or 8" x 11" paper paper

Double leaf.png
vintage poison bottle embroidery design.jpg

Click on the image to download the PDF pattern.

Designed to print on A4 paper (8" x 11").

The bottle fits a 5" hoop when stitched without the shadow.

See below for stitch suggestions and instructions on turning the design into a Decoration or Pin Cushion.

poison bottle web.jpg

Lets get spooky with some halloween inspired stitching. Make some macabre hoop art,

a hanging decoration or a pincushion with this simple design.

poison bottle ig.jpg
Double leaf.png

Outline the bottle shape with BACK STITCH.

Fill the bottle details using SATIN STITCH.

You will notice I have played with negative space and only stitched the reflective parts of the bottle bottle and left the main body of the bottle unstitched.

You can fill the whole bottle, or simply stitch the outline of the reflective parts. Its up to you! 

Double leaf.png





Make a Decoration or pin cushion


pin cushion 1.jpg

Cut around the stitched bottle approx 1" larger than the design. Cut the same shape out from  another piece of fabric, which will be used for the back.

The dashed line I have drawn on indicates where I will be stitching. You can decide how close to the bottle you wish to stitch.


pin cushion 3.jpg

Once you have stitched around the bottle shape, turn the stitched pieces from inside out to the right way around. Next fill with stuffing until you are satisfied with the plumpness :)

(If you are making the pin cushion you may prefer to use rice in replacement of the stuffing).


pin cushion 2.jpg

Match the 2 pieces of fabric together so that both RIGHT sides of the fabric are facing in towards each other. Stitch around the edge from A to B using BACK STITCH. Remember to leave the gap at the bottom. Cut a little v shaped notch on each side at the curve of the bottle neck.


pin cushion ig.jpg

Stitch the gap closed using WHIP STITCH.


If you wish to create a hanging decoration simply stitch a ribbon at the top to hang.