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PROJECT 5 - Embroidering on card

Cardstitching1 .jpg

Start your new Year by trying something different - embroidery on card!

'If you can get your needle through it, you can stitch it!'

That used to be my motto many years ago when I was in the midst of my mixed media exploration days.... and my needle was pierced through quite a medley of things from milk and fresh juice cartons, to painted canvas, drift wood and linoleum.

I've also seen lots of other textile artists have fun and find all kinds of surfaces to stitch on from the weird to the wonderful - some notable ones include toast (yes someone actually embroidered a slice of toast!), wellington boots, a metal watering can and a car bonnet!

Suffice to say, embroidery DOESNT just need to happen on fabric, there is a world out there for you to play with and discover, but let us start here with something simpler (and involves less crumbs!)..... stitching on card.

Click the image below to download the Pattern PDF

The design is intended to be printed on  A4  or 8" x 11" paper 

You will find 2 postcard(ish) sized designs for you to stitch up, one with the 2022 date and one without.

small ferns 2022.png

There is a video available on Instagram where I give a quick demo on stitching on card.

Simply click on the image to be taken to the video.


A quick summary of the video demo:

1) Print on to thick paper or thin card (a4)

2) Cut out a postcard and place it on a piece of corrugated cardboard.

3) Using a pin (preferrably with a round head to be kind to you fingers), stab a hole through the postcard at each point indicated by the tiny white dots marked on the design.

Holding the card up to the light will let you see where you have pierced the holes and which parts of the design are yet to be done.

4) When you have finished the piercing and are ready to stitch - thread an embroidery needle with 3 strands of embroidery and be sure to tie a big knot at the end. Bring the thread out from the back of the card and then stitch using the holes as your guide.

Don't pull too tight on the thread to make your stitches as the card can rip.

5) When finishing your thread simply weave the end into some previously sewn stitches at the back.


The stitches I used to embroider the design are shown below :

Card 2.jpg

back stitch

around the moon edge

Straight stitch

to fill the moon shape

Back stitch

to stitch the leafy stems

back stitch

to outline the numbers

Straight stitch

for the leaves

I hope you have fun exploring new mediums to stitch on.. and as usual if you create anything inspired by any of the projects here in my Stitchery Club please feel free to share, and tag me over on Instagram @jennyblairkits #jbkstitcheryclub