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or 3 x weekly  payments
of £100
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SET of 9


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of £280 
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JOIN JENNY for a SET of 3 or 9 SESSIONS.....

This creative vision, dream or plan that is whispering to your right now..... it is really your Soul inviting you to expand and grow into the next version or 'level' of YOU! ......and so of course there is really so much more to bringing this vision to life than taking one single action step.

In fact it requires many steps, one after the other. And each step can often bring with it more questions, limiting beliefs or emotions than the actual answer it provides if you don't have the inner navigation tools and understanding.

This is where a set of 3 or 9 sessions can help you....

* Let yourself be fully supported as you dive DEEPER and uncover what your creative dream/biz/venture is calling you to expand into, so that it can be brought to life in a way that is fully aligned with you and lights you up!

* Soften into a guided experience where you will learn tools and practise techniques that strengthen your connection to your own inner wisdom, intuition and emotional guidance system, so that you emerge with an unshakeable knowing of YOU and YOUR VISION/dream/plan, WHERE YOU ARE HEADING, and HOW TO GET THERE.

* Transform or melt away any resistance or obstacles that show up with each step as they unfold over the course of the sessions and the spaces in between.

* Immerse in the energetic container that Jenny creates and holds for you, allowing you, your dream and infinite possibilities to merge together and for miracles to come forth.

* Rise with an effective action plan for your next steps based on the inspired intuitive hits you receive during the series of sessions.

* Receive email support between each session for the duration of the set, if an extra boost is required.

Immerse & Rise

Join Jenny for 1:1 Creative Coaching Sessions

Small Strokes


To work with Jenny for a set of sessions simply contact Jenny to arrange payment and session schedule.

Sessions are 1 hour in length and are done via Zoom every 1- 2 weeks (dependent on individual needs). 

Email support is available in between sessions.

You may wish to experience a single session first before deciding a set of 3 or 9 sessions will suit your needs, alternatively you may feel that a single session is all you require to help you move forward.

Find out more and book a single session HERE


Jenny Blair is a natural intuitive and energy reader and a certified life coach.

She combines these skills in her unique coaching style - where powerful transformation occurs through a mix of practical guided action, mindset tools and energy moving magic.

In 2012 Jenny left her career as a midwife to follow the creative call of her soul. With no business knowledge or experience but rather a deep connection to her inner guidance and intuition, she built and grew a thriving business on her own terms ( ), which 100% supports her family, fulfills all her creative desires AND allows plenty of space to pursue her other passions (hello creative coaching!).