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1) To be inclusive and welcoming to EVERYONE. NO EXCEPTIONS.
2) To encourage you to get creative, to play and have fun! There are no rules! We are leaving perfection at the door!
3) To inspire anyone & everyone to pick up a needle and bring some stitchery love into their lives
4) To get into the habit more of using what you have - no need to buy a load of materials and new things.... the aim is to re use, upcycle and get creative with what we have.
5) To go beyond the hoop! There is so much more to stitching than being confined to a hoop. I'm going to share a few ways!  :)


Here's what to do next :

  • This is the MAIN STITCHERY CLUB page - so BOOKMARK it!

  • Find the links to the project/videos and patterns below. More will be added over time.

  • Send me a message HERE if you have any questions that aren't answered

  • You will be kept up to date with any new new video/tip/technique that gets added here, along with little extra bits of studio news & inspiration through the Stitchery club Newsletter.

  • Share your makes on instagram or fb - tag me @jennyblairkits or  #jbkstitcheryclub

I honestly couldn't be happier that you are here...for 2 reasons!

Number one :  I have dreamed of creating my own little club since I was 6 years old and making membership cards out of used cereal boxes at the kitchen table :)

Number two : I believe stitching is for sharing. Its for encouraging and inspiring, it's for being creative and learning something new. There is so much to explore... and it's WAY more fun doing it together ...... so lets JUMP RIGHT IN! :)x

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watch stitch tutorials here