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If you are a regular stitcher you will likely be very familiar with the meditative qualities that embroidery has by nature, and you may even be using embroidery as a form of practising mindfulness.

I'd like to invite you to be even more intentional with your embroidery and use it as a form of waking or moving meditationwhich can take you deeper in to relaxation and emptiness, the benefits of which ripple out into your life..... whats not to love about that?! :)

* My hope is that this provides a fun and gentle way to try out meditation and/or introduce a meditation practise in to your life.

* By using something that you enjoy as a focus it will hopeful remove any feelings of intimidation or resistance :)

* Once you get the hang of what you are trying to achieve (through the guided audio) you can apply it to other things too!

I've created a "Peace' inspired embroidery pattern for you and a guided meditation audio to get you started.
Simply follow the steps below 

zen 2 Vid thumbnail small.jpg
zen 3 PdfpeacepatternThumbnail small.jpg
When you are sitting comfortably in a quiet space, click on the image to being the guided audio. 


peace emb in progress.jpg

A FEW extra notes!

  • The design fits a 5 inch hoop when printed on A4 paper (8inch x 11inches)

  • The design provided will require approx 3 - 5 x 10 min meditation sessions before being complete (depending on your stitch 'speed').

  • From the image above you can see I opted for filling the triangle in using backstitch which added even more meditation sessions before being complete.

  • You can simply stitch the outlines.

  • If you need help transferring the design on to fabric click here for a tutorial.

  •  Use the Embroidery meditation Audio as many or as little times as you like....you may feel that listening once is enough to get the feel of what you are trying to achieve and that you can continue with your waking meditation unaided. Follow your own guidance on what works best for you.

  •  If you are new to meditation you may feel like you haven't 'done it right' or not 'getting it'. You may find your brain is whirring away, you feel resistance, my voice is annoying, and you are not in complete empty silence etc etc.... To this i say "Yay! Welcome to meditation". Meditation is NOT about achieving or doing anything specifically other than being with everything that you experience exactly as it is, without trying to push away, change or fix it. The aim is to ALLOW everything that is going on while gently focusing your mind on something (usually your breath but in this case on your stitching). Your mind will wander, thoughts and feelings will arise and all you need to do is observe and accept this then simply return your focus back to the stitching when ever you remember to notice it drifting off!

  • Even just a few moments of doing this within your 10 mins of meditating will have a very powerful and positive effect on your life.

  • Whatever you do it will be perfect. There can be no 'wrong way!' :)

  • If you have not finished your thread or ready to end you meditation when I begin the prompt of finishing, simply hit pause on the audio and keep stitching until ready. When ready hit 'play' again and you will be guided to finish your meditation.